Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)
Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

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Mar 24 2020

代官山Gハウス 新規物件のご紹介!!代官山駅徒歩3分 家賃45万円(敷2+礼1)ペット相談




Oct 25 2019

I went San Diego!←動画配信・click here!  Introducing San Diego properties.




 Aug 08 2019

Cebu's Mactan Island CONDOTEL investment is interesting


July 15, 2019 

from the artible :additional sales of the first lottery for Tokyo OlympicsJuly 07,2019


June 27, 2019 from the artible:
Student dormitory investment is prosperous in Philippine


Feb 20, 2019 from the artible:
「De-cluttering the land of Zen」

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Introduction of our consultant

Miho Kaise


Registered real-estate broker

American real estate investment master qualification

American real estate investment consultant qualification

CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist)

Introduction message

There are a number of people who have commented that my career is somewhat unique.

So I would like to introduce my background. Following the benefits of Japan's booming economy and after graduating from junior college I took up a position at a conglomerate enterprise. I began by engaging in international multimedia communications with more focus and contacts with overseas. After that, I moved to a major US apparel direct marketing company.I experienced management positions at the forefront of customer sales support such as in the CSR department and trainer of education department of network equipment. I found this type of work very beneficial and as a result gained broad experience.


Meanwhile, my father, who had been managing our family run real estate company in Yokohama unfortunately fell ill. I saw this an opportunity to study and eventually become a certified registered real-estate broker.  As a real estate broker for the past seven years, I have been assisting and supporting customers who are looking to purchase their own house. Acting as a customer window throughout the real estate business we were also recognised on occasion as being part of Century 21 franchise.

 I wanted to broaden the range of my work and so slightly stepped away from the real estate industry and became an assistant to the CEO of a venture-based human resources company. Within which, I assisted in employment support for both Japanese and foreign nationals for about 5 years.


While I was away from the real estate industry, I always kept an eye on market trends and in particular the globalization trends surrounding the industry. I thought it was time to step back into the industry and started to study at an International Real Estate College from 2018.

Happily, I managed to acquire CIPS (International Real Estate Specialist qualification) While studying, I actively interacted, sometimes on a daily basis, with overseas developers and real estate agents as well as domestic and overseas investors.


Many customers from overseas visiting Japan seem to have a desire to live in a quiet, convenient and safe place in Japan. I would like to provide a service that people turn to when looking for real estate. By supporting clients in areas of business practices related to complex real estate transactions, I hope to take away the headaches and make the process smooth and enjoyable. In other words, I would like to play a role as a bridge between domestic individual investors who are thinking about global investment.


On a personal note, I’m very passionate about cooking and in particular Japanese cuisine. I have part-time experience at a food coordinator’s office, as a guide for guests from overseas. I would like them all to experience first hand the delectability, beauty and enjoyment of Japanese cuisine.Please feel free to tell us your plan and idea.I would like to help you keep track of your dreams. 


● What is CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist)

* Train international real estate trading experts (4,350 people as of February 2019), which are officially recognized by the National Realtor Association in 50 countries worldwide.

Once acquiring such qualification, you are entitled to join the global real estate professional network.


JARECO(Japan America Real Estate Coalition Office)

Global English College

Global Real Estate College Japan

Officer: Sugiura



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